Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Summer Intensive a Success!

This summer, OSSE’s Teaching & Learning team hosted a four-day “intensive”, which provided teachers, instructional coaches, data coaches, and school leaders the opportunity to work collaboratively to create Student Learning Objectives (SLO): measurable academic goals that teachers set for students for a course, term or academic year. SLOs allow teachers and principals to work together to monitor student progress, assess strengths and areas of need, make instructional adjustments if necessary, and rate success.

By the end of the Intensive, participants were extremely motivated to become advocates for SLOs at their respective schools. “This [training] empowered me to email my principal to share what I learned about SLOs and to present this to my team as a structure we can use. I think it will help us manage expectations and really impact student learning”, said a teacher who participated in the intensive.

Many states have recognized that incorporating SLOs as a performance measurement for teachers strengthens instruction, formalizes good teaching practice, and increases student achievement. OSSE plans to provide more technical assistance opportunities for LEAs who choose to implement SLOs during the 2014-2015 school year. For more information please contact Gimari Jones, or to learn more about SLOs, please visit Learn DC.

Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Summer Intensive Gallery


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