Eastern Senior High School 2nd Annual Plant Sale and Open House

The student gardening business, Mighty Greens, at Eastern Senior High School is getting students and teachers alike to eat local by selling the organic vegetables and herbs grown in their school garden and greenhouse. What was once an underused greenhouse has transformed into a thriving local produce farm that turns out fresh bok choy, chive flowers, kale, and collard greens for Eastern students, faculty, and staff.

The Mighty Greens doesn’t limit their business to just their school. This Saturday will mark the 2nd Annual Plant Sale and Open House for the student garden and greenhouse, which is open to the public. With assistance from City Blossoms and funding from OSSE’s School Garden Grant, Mighty Greens has grown a garden and greenhouse that they are proud to show off. District residents with green thumbs and locavores are invited to tour the grounds and buy the produce of the Eastern Legacy Garden & Greenhouse (located on the campus of Eastern Senior High School) on Saturday, May 17 from 10am to 1pm. In accordance with their slogan: “If it Ain’t Green, it Ain’t Mighty”, the Mighty Greens will have a fresh array of swiss chard, kale, collard greens, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, and herbs for sale. All proceeds will go towards keeping the vegetables crisp and the herbs fragrant in the school garden and green house. For more information about the Plant Sale and Open house, contact Emma Osore.

They also plan to participate along with the 70-plus schools celebrating this year’s Strawberries and Salad Greens Day on May 21.

About the School Garden Grant

Eastern Senior High School is one of twenty-one schools that received funding through this year’s OSSE School Garden Grant which aims to increase the capacity and scope of DC school gardens as educational resources. The Mighty Greens  is an example of one of many poised to receive funding from the nearly $300,000 in grant funds that will be distributed facilitate garden-based learning and nutrition education. Now in its third year, OSSE’s School Garden Grant program aims to increase the capacity and scope of DC school gardens as educational resources. As such, the grant promotes the use of the school garden by school personnel to facilitate meaningful learning experiences for students in the classroom, garden, and cafeteria. This three-pronged approach helps students gain exposure to new foods and insight into the source of their food and the myriad benefits of gardening and consuming locally grown produce.

About City Blossoms

City Blossoms began nine years ago as a volunteer project and has since evolved into a year-round program that includes consulting, curriculum development (with consideration for learning standards), and regular on-site workshops. To date, City Blossoms has worked with over 3000 children and youth in various gardening projects.

City Blossoms has designed a unique method of developing and managing robust green spaces where children and youth are engaged as the main cultivators. We specialize in an art-based, hands-on approach that emphasizes the strengths and unique qualities of each learning center. All City Blossoms projects are organic and designed to work with the local environment and community needs. We look forward to bringing City Blossoms to schools and learning centers all around the area and increasing children and youth awareness about caring for the environment and themselves.


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