Teens Who Don’t…DC Anti-Tobacco Youth Coalition (TWD) Kick Butts Day 2014

Teens Who Don’t…DC Anti-Tobacco Youth Coalition (TWD), sponsored by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education and Department of Behavioral Health, participated in a Kick Butts Day 2014 outreach activity on March 19, 2014. The Kick Butts Day event was sponsored by the DC Prevention Centers of Wards 7 & 8, Latin American Youth Center, and the Department of Behavioral Health.

Teens Who Don’t… was one of over one-thousand groups that held Kick Butts Day 2014 events across the US. The events highlighted tobacco’s death toll, raised awareness of the tobacco problem in their communities, encouraged their peers to stay tobacco-free, and urged lawmakers to take action in protecting their peers from Big Tobacco’s deceptive marketing tactics.

At the  Latin American Youth Center, members of TWD introduced Kick Butts Day to an audience of about one-hundred District students, some of which were members of OSSE’s Youth Advisory Committee. The stand against tobacco use in the District included a speech from Allison O’Donnell of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, a presentation about the alternatives to tobacco usage by TWD members Elisha Williams and Julian Jones, and an open mic session, which TWD members Lindsay Foshee and Ryan Washington participated.

Throughout the event, TWD members had an informational booth with tobacco education pamphlets, a Tobacco jeopardy game, t-shirts and TWD promotional package.

About Teens Who Don’t…DC Anti-Tobacco Youth Coalition

Teens Who Don’t… (TWD) is a youth leadership program established through the collaboration between the Office of the State Superintendent of Education-Division of Wellness and Nutrition Services and the Department of Health-Tobacco Control Program. TWD will engage youth in tobacco control and prevention by providing them with the opportunity to gain skills and authority to make decisions that help improve the policy environment, change social norms, and reduce smoking initiation and consumption in their communities.

For more information about Teens Who Don’t…, contact Christa Goldmon.


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