Growing Healthy Schools Week Winning School Announced

Growing Healthy Schools Week, which celebrates school gardens and farm to school programming, took place October 20-26 2013.  This year, the week involved over 14,000 students from more than 50 District schools.  Schools were encouraged to participate in activities that promoted healthy living and eating. These activities included hosting a chef demo, farmer visit, dietitian visit, and taking students on a farm trip. Schools tracked their participation by placing stickers on their scoreboard and school with the most stickers at the end of the week would be rewarded with a visit from a Redskins player during lunch. 

On Tuesday, November 19 Redskins player, Reed Doughty ate lunch with a lively group of 4th graders from DC Bilingual Charter School to celebrate their outstanding participation in the week.  He also encouraged students to eat healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle.   Students were eager to ask the Redskins safety questions such as “What is your favorite fruit?” (answer: Kiwi), “What is your favorite dish?” (answer: Carne Asada) and “Can you do a cartwheel?” (answer: Yes).

Congratulations to DC Bilingual, and all the schools that participated in this year’s Growing Healthy Schools Week


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