Annual Parent Summit A Success

As OSSE continues to partner with the educational community to increase the quality of education in the District of Columbia, we would like to thank everyone that was able to join us Saturday, September 7 for the 2nd Annual Parent & Family Engagement Summit: Your Passport to Excellence.

Passport to Excellence was a day-long event informed by parents and designed to  empower, inform and inspire parents to continue to be advocates for student academic success. Parents were engaged in workshops ranging from understanding and actively testing the District of Columbia’s State Report Card to workshops on bullying prevention, Common Core, early learning standards, special education, understanding DC’s Truancy Prevention Guide for parents, and more. Parents were treated to Sunny Chico, author of You: Your Child’s First Teacher as she engaged all participants in the importance of being an advocate of children’s learning and development. Each participant was a recipient of  You: Your Child’s First Teacher, a copy of the three-book series providing parents with strategies on supporting their children’s academic development in the Common Core State Standards context. The parent panel provided parents with first hand accounts of how they were able to assist in their children’s academic success by partnering with school personnel and advocating for other parents to be involved. Parents were able to converse with many DC service providers obtaining valuable resources  and tools that will help guide their children’s learning and development for years to come.

Check out our photo gallery from the event:


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