2 Years of Excellence: Superintendent Hosanna Mahaley Jones’ Achievements

  • In just two years of oversight by OSSE, a historic milestone took place in the Division of Specialized Education and the Division of Student Transportation (OSSE-DOT).  The division exited from Petties v. D.C., a 17 year-long court order, after turning around the student transportation division and meeting both timely transportation services and timely payments to non-public special education schools for our most vulnerable students with special needs.

  • Successfully exited the Blackman portion of the Blackman-Jones case; where OSSE achieved 90 percent timely administration of due-process hearings for children with special needs.

  • For the first time, OSSE demonstrated that Pre-K education is valuable to the District and how it has made an impact for students who participated in Pre-K programs and scored higher proficiency rates in the 3rd grade DC CAS in contrast to students who didn’t participate in

  • Addressed 100% of the 254 findings from past audits and monitoring reports from the U.S. Department of Education’s High-Risk Corrective Action Plan (HR-CAP) since taking over HR-CAP from DCPS and being established as State Education Office in 2007;  we only have one outstanding issue to resolve.

  • Turned around the agency’s inability to disperse grant payments on a regular and timely basis with the establishment of a Grants Compliance Unit.

  • In FY12, OSSE established the Office of Data Management.  Today, we are able to provide reliable data reports, we conducted our first mobility study, provided enrollment projection recommendations, and finally launched the State Longitudinal Education Data System (SLED).

  • Established the D.C. State Athletic Association (DCSAA) and held several first-ever statewide athletic championships, such as Boys & Girls Cross Country, Soccer, Indoor Track, Basketball, Boys Football, Girls’ Softball, and Boys’ and Girls’ Outdoor Track and Field.

  • With OSSE’s administration of the Summer Food Service Program, D.C. ranked first in the nation for student participation in breakfast and summer meal programs for the eighth consecutive year.

  • Administered the inaugural DC CAS for Health and Physical Education to over 11,000 students from 5th Grade, 8th Grade and High School; therefore, making the District the first in the nation to administer a standardized health education exam.

  • Established the Mayor’s Scholar’s Fund, a local a 100-percent-need-based grant program to provide financial support for low-income District students 18-24 years old currently attending D.C. colleges and universities. For the first time, students attending the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) and the UDC Community College (UDCCC) will also be eligible to receive funding.

  • Created the OSSE Scholars program – a summer enrichment program where students across the District of Columbia attend competitive summer academic programs at prestigious universities across the nation.

  • Commissioned an independent investigator to independently investigate the test integrity and security procedures of the annual D.C. Comprehensive Assessment System (DC CAS) administered statewide beginning with the 2011 DC CAS results and further modified the investigatory analysis methodology for the 2012 DC CAS results.

  • Developed the District of Columbia’s ESEA Waiver application, a Statewide K-12 accountability system, and successfully received the approval one month after final submission. OSSE was recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education for its expansive community engagement in the development of its ESEA Waiver application.

  • Developed and submitted the Early Learning Standards to the State Board of Education, which was approved by the SBOE in 2013.

  • Early adopter of Common Core Learning Standards; second in the nation to align reading, language and arts, and mathematics beginning in SY 11-12 and SY12-13.

  • Increased the number of slots for Pre-K 3 and 4-year-olds in community based organizations and schools,  and vastly expanded Part C – Early Intervention, which translates to identifying the needs of more eligible children, providing services at an earlier age, and thereby improving potential for student achievements with service delivery.

  • Hired an exceptional leadership team, a large number of experienced professionals and reduced high vacancy rates.

  • Established the first OSSE kickball tournament; first annual parent summit; and expanded/enhanced communication with LEAs.


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