The Sun is Shining on Our Garden Grant Awardees

With the recent change to beautiful summer weather, our School Garden Grant winners are beginning to put their funds to use preparing their beds, planting, and involving children in the process of learning and being physically active through participation in school gardens. Visit DC School Gardens for more information on starting a school garden and the school garden grants.

Congratulations to all of our winners:

  1. Mary Mcleoud Bethune PCS
  2. Capitol City PCS
  3. DCPS-Peabody Primary Campus,
  4. DCPS-Randall Highlands ES
  5. DCPS-Hardy MS
  6. DCPS-Murch ES
  7. DCPS-Wilson Senior High School
  8. DCPS-Seaton ES
  9. DC Bilingual PCS
  10. DCPS-Eastern HS
  11. EL Haynes PCS
  12. Center City PCS
  13. Cesar Chavez Preparatory PCS
  14. Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS
  15. DCPS-Stoddert ES (US Department of Education, Green Ribbon School)
  16. DCPS-Anacostia HS
  17. DCPS-Miner ES
  18. DCPS-Capitol Hill Montessori @ Logan
  19. DCPS-Eastern HS
  20. DCPS-Watkins ES
  21. DCPS-School Within School,
  22. DCPS-Tubman ES
  23. DCPS-Burroughs ES
  24. DCPS-Cleveland ES

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